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Press Release – Romances Urbanos – ENGLISH

Hyldon releases “Romances Urbanos’’ – New album of the Brazilian Soulman featuring respected artists.

The new CD of the soulman Hyldon, Romances Urbanos shows some of the philosophy adopted by the composer, performer and guitarist since 2009, back when he launched Brazilian Samba Soul, last album of new songs so far. Artists as Zeca Baleiro, Arnaldo Antunes, Jorge Vercillo, the rappers Mano Brown and Dexter, Pedro Luís and Sergio Natureza are part of the album.

Representing our new generation of musicians: Giulia Costa in Como num Filme, the talented Céu and Léo Cavalcanti and Jorge Ailton, co-author of Revanche, previously recorded by his artistic godson Léo Maia.

– ‘’Welcome to Hyldonopolis’’, says Hyldon. This could perfectly be the caption of this album, that takes one on a ride throughout the illusionary city that represents the summary of all metropolises around the world. ‘Professor’ Hyldon takes us to dances, loves??? love affairs??, passions, one night stands, ilusions and heartbreakings, a real cosmopolitan romantic tour. The feeling is that the disc is simultaneously from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Toquio and New York. Always with friends, musicians, composers and performers, Hyldon takes a train in a bohemian neighborhood, that could be Vila Madalena in São Paulo, Lapa in Rio or Rio Vermelho in his home state.

When listening to Romances Urbanos from the beginning the modesty lesson that Hyldon teaches comes clear, and with the experience and knowledge that time brings, he lets the partners lead the boat. On this way, our soulman’s feeling subtly guides the trip, making the final destination a very pleasant place to be.