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Soul Brasileiro – Extra Edition – Release in english


The master is back. Singer, songwriter, player and producer Hyldon is the living proof that time, in certain cases, is actually a very good thing for you. In 2009, his album Soul Brasileiro got outstanding  reviews and was on Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 25 best albums of the year. Despite the good repercussion, the project was temporarily shelved.

However, the shows kept happening and one of the tour’s best moments took place at Cinemathèque do Rio de Janeiro, where his first DVD was recorded. At the epic event, Hyldon played and sang backed by his band and also renowned artists such as Carlos Dafé, Bebeto, Sullivan, Mister Catra, Serjão Loroza and Mc´s Marechal, Gil Metralha and Yasmin. On the Hyldon Live DVD, the soul man – as he is known in the inner circle, took part of every production stage, especially editing and mixing. Soon after that the public was able to check out his extensive hits list: “Na Rua, na Chuva, na Fazenda”, “As Dores do Mundo”, “Velho Camarada”, “Na Sombra de uma Arvore” among several other classics.

You don’t mess with a winning team? Well, if it’s for guaranteed improvement, of course you do. And it was with this mindset that in early 2011 Warner Chappel Publishing, after renovating its recording studios and upgrading all of its equipment, invited Hyldon to resume the Soul Brasileiro project. The proposal came directly from Warner’s CEO João Gonçalves, who suggested not only to give the songs a better production, but also to re-release the album in Brazil and overseas.

For six months, Hyldon and his co-producer César Delano literally lived in the studio while redoing all vocals, adding guitars and mixing the whole album from scratch all over again. The final result is an even more polished album, mastered by Ricardo Garcia, and with a high end design project developed and executed by Guanabara Agency and established Dj Zé Octávio from Hare-Rare Label. The all star team on the album includes Zeca Baleiro, Nação Zumbi, Frejat, Seu Jorge, Céu, Karina Buhr, Carlinhos Brown, Galo Preto, Chico Buarque, Jorge Vercillo, Arnaldo Antunes, Edgar Scandurra, Alceu Maia, Marlon Sette e Zé Menezes, showing that our soul master walks with great resourcefulness through the many strands of our diverse musical culture.

His fans will still get a bonus track with the song ” Estão dizendo por aí”, plus a full HD video clip of “Brazilian Samba Soul” directed by Malú Schöerder. Verses that Hyldon shares with his daughter Yasmin, in a very meaningful time of the artist’s life.

The soul man owns his entitlement, giving us one of the best albums of his career.

Soul Brasileiro – Extra Edition, a DPA/Warner Chappell release distributed by Warner Music Digital.